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Some Specific California Agencies

  • California Franchise Tax Board. Tax information, tax assistance, tax forms and more–plus a link to a keyword search page.
  • Department of Corporations. Descriptions of and links to the Department's six divisions (Health Care, Enforcement, Securities regulations, Financial Services, Office Policy) and links to other resources–but no search engine.
  • California Department of Industrial Relations. (Also frequently referred to as the "Labor Department".) Links to the Department's six divisions (Worker's Compensation, Occupational Safety & Health, Labor Law, Apprenticeship, Mediation, Statistics & Research)–but again no search engine.

Locating Other California Agencies

>General California Information

  • Search California Law Generally (Findlaw). Links to State government information and California-related sites. Also provides searches of California Government Web sites and California statutes by key word.
  • California Electronic Government Information. "Hypertext links & resource descriptions for over 240 California state, regional & municipal databases available over the Internet or through dial-up bulletin board systems. Entries grouped by source & listed by title. Links to other compilations & search engines."